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06 Oct 2016 - 06 Oct 2025

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Prashant Guruji, No.351, Near Pavithra Paradise, Basaveshwar Nagar, , Bengaluru
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 Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy

The Life Between Lives regression  uses deep hypnosis to guide a client beyond a past life and into what appears to be their soul memories between lives.

To gain entry into your Soul-state experiences, you are regressed in time to your immediate past life or most significant past life. After a brief review of your past life, you are progressed in time through the death experience of that previous life. Following a past life death we enter this realm of unconditional love and caring we are first met by our spirit guide. Our guide then takes us to our core soul group. We are warmly welcomed with sharing and reminiscing. One of the spirits in our soul group is our primary soul-mate.  Clients often talk about being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and energies associated with the physical world to allow them to re-enter the higher frequency vibrations of the spirit realm into the Spiritual Realm and your Life Between Lives state.

Near our soul group we may encounter affiliate souls from soul groups close to ours with whom we incarnate less frequently. Our guide may then take us to the spiritual library where we each have a 'life book'. This book is filled with all of the many lives we have lived.

Our spirit guide may open this book to a particular life for our review. The still picture in the book becomes alive as our spirit moves directly into that life to 're-live' some important lesson. When we have seen what our guide feels is important for our learning we instantly return to the library.

It is not uncommon to view 3 to 5 such past-lives from the spiritual library in one Life Between Lives session. The next stop commonly is our Council of Elders. These are highly evolved spirits who help us plan our spiritual advancement.

Our Elders comment on our performance in the past-life from which we have just returned, and make recommendations for future learning. At this point in our Spiritual World journey we may be taken for special trainings, large group meditations, or to communicate one-on-one with a spirit with whom we have a particular task to accomplish on Earth. The list of possibilities at this stage is probably infinite.

When our spirit guide feels the time is right we are taken to the 'life selection room'. Here we view possible selections for our next life. We are shown short vignettes of each possibility and we see with whom we would share each choice.

After choosing our next life on Earth, we move to the 'life preparation room' where we plan that up-coming life more fully. We make various specific contracts with the different players in the life to come.

When all is arranged we say a final good-by to our soul group members and move to the 'exit portal'. Our guide wishes us well on our next adventure.  We then shoot back to Earth, and find our spirit in the womb of our new mother.

This probably all seems quite amazing to those who have not had this remarkable experience. Actually, the experience itself is even more amazing. The power of this visit to the Spirit World cannot be reduced to human words. Rather, it must be experienced.

The Spirit World has a single focus: to help each spirit advance to a higher level of consciousness.  We come to realize that everything that happens, both in the Spirit World and here on Earth, is an opportunity to learn and to teach; and to grow spiritually

Spirit Guides and Teachers review the past life. The only judgment comes from the client themselves, because at a soul level all their actions and intentions are laid bare. At some point a soul group is encountered. These are souls working closely together over many lives. Reuniting with them is often described as a profound experience and being home.

At some point there is a meeting with spirits of light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that not does require them to physically reincarnate. They review the progress of the soul and can replay the past lives and discuss any aspect until the soul understands what will be expected in the next life. Done with love, compassion, and the participation and freewill of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose.   

Some of what you can except during and after your Regression:

  • Discover themes that are driving your current life
  • Find a deeper understanding of your personal relationships
  • Reconnect with loved ones who have passed
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Connect with your true self
  • Know that you are eternal
  • Understand more about your life’s journey, the choices you have made and the challenges you have met
  • Know if you are on track with your life plan
  • Gain answers to your specific questions
  •  Meet your Primary Guide
  • Reunite with your Soul Family and Soul Mate
  •  Channel Guidance from Wise Beings
  • Identify your Soul Purpose
  •  Expanded sense of Meaning and Purpose
  • Recognize your Special Gifts in this lifetime
  • Learn why you chose your Present Life Body and Family
  • Enhanced Relationships
  •  Greater clarity and resiliency in the face of life challenges
  •  A greater sense of understanding, forgiveness, peace, harmony, unity, and love of self and Others

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