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Are you looking for ways to make your busy life a little easier, especially at dinner time? Cooking with the electric pressure cooker might be your answer. They are a little different than your ordinary pressure cooker as well as the differences can certainly make them slightly easier to use.An electric pressure cooker is only a pressure cooker which uses electricity. By using electricity, you really add more functions for a cooker including an electric timer, more cooking modes and more importantly more control above the amount of pressure you happen to be using.


If you'd like to learn the answer in your question of how long to pressure cook chicken, the reply is just a half-hour. Yes, you are able to cook an entirely chicken so tender to fall-off-the-bone in approximately 30 minutes possibly even using and electric pressure cooker. You don’t need to stand resistant to the stove in scorching summers. You don’t must worry about the heating temperature. Actually, you will must exert a good deal lesser physical energy opposite on the case of slow cooker.


It’s besides chicken. You can make butter-knife tender shredded beef within just an hours. Cook a sizable winter meal in ten mins. Doesn’t it sound too good really was?In an electric pressure cooker, it is possible to prepare food 70 percent faster than mainstream cooking methods. Quick cooking means less energy consumption. And less energy consumption means less cash spent and fewer impact if you use one.


Why cook one dish as part of your pressure cooker when you may cook two? Using a steamer rack, basket or trivet, you may create layers from the pot and cook two dishes simultaneously. Steam fish up top while a sauce or grain cooks below. Cook a vegetable stew or curry in the bottoom of the pot and steam rice in the bowl or ramekin above. Steam "hard-boiled" eggs while oats, rice or grits cook below. The possibilities are endless, provided that your cook times match. For example, if both items cook for 5 minutes at high-pressure, then one is steamed on the rack or cooked pot-in-pot (meaning the dish cooks in the ramekin, bowl or some other dish from the cooker pot), then you'll be able to make both dishes at the same time. Pressure-cooking two dishes immediately is kitchen multitasking at its finest.

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