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07 Dec 2018 - 22 Dec 2018

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Rishikul Yogshala, Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula, Rishikesh, , Rishikesh
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India, the land of diversified vegetation, boasts countless amazing beaches, luscious rainforests, picture-perfect waterfalls, and spellbinding mountains. Take a soulful break from your daily routine and fill your mind with spiritual energy walking on the road to Yoga and health during a Yoga Retreat program in India. Revitalize your soul and refresh the mind by dwelling in the lap of yoga and tranquility at Rishikul Yogshala.

Event Description: 

The primary purpose of this retreat is to provide a much-needed vacation to rejuvenate and start over. At Rishikul Yogshala’s Yoga retreat in Rishikesh and Kerala, learn the basics of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Ayurveda to acquire the secret of living the life healthily and peacefully.

Event Highlights: 

• Commence your road to revitalization with a little knowledge of the role of   spiritual science in maintaining the health and well-being of the ancient   people.
• Get some basic information about Yoga, its various asanas, and their   importance.
• The practice of the Yoga asanas to let you guide on a healthy path.
• Get acquainted with the ancient healing science of Ayurveda and the Vedic   lifestyle.
• Learn the traditional philosophy of staying happy and robust.
• The Practice of the breathing-based art of Pranayama to understand the role   of prana (pure air) for a disorder-free life.
• The theory of deep relaxation in order to connect with the inner you.
• Indulge in Meditation 
• Ayurvedic massage to detoxify the body and mind.
• Organized visits to the local sites of interest and attending a spiritual   talk to have a diverse knowledge of the rich Indian culture.
• Activities life Elephant riding, paragliding, river rafting (Rishikesh),   sea diving (in Kerala only), etc.

Food and Accommodation: 

An assortment of palatable Indian delicacies poured with love and affection of our chefs. Our sattvic dietary options fulfill every yogic mind’s necessities in all possible ways. The meals are served three times a day and are completely vegetarian. The organic juice that accompanies the meals takes complete care of the overall well being of the students. Fall in love with the natural settings by breathing in the spiritual panorama of our locations in India. Our Yoga centers contain neat and airy rooms that are embellished with all the daily-use amenities. Spend leisure time in the lap of nature lounging in the gorgeous gardens.

Fee Details: 

Kerala: 650 USD for 7-days retreat.

Rishikesh: USD 500 for 7-days retreat and USD 1000 for 15 days retreat.

Fee includes the price of meals and accommodation.

About Rishikul Yogshala: Rishikul Yogshala is a Yoga school of paramount stature headquartered in Rishikesh India. The school is established on the philosophies of traditional Yoga and wishes to make this world equipped with the purest yogic values and traditions. The Yogshala offers various modes of training in the form of Yoga TTC, retreat programs, therapy course, etc. The premier Yoga school is affiliated to Yoga Alliance and is spread in six countries- India, Iran, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mozambique.

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